About Us..

This project supports porters who climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru due to the fact that most of the porters are low income earners and they have low or no education at all, so the project is aimed at improving the living and working conditions of those porters, especially by providing them the following: 

Free education during the low season, such as health education e.g. MALARIA and HIV/AIDS, financial management education, mountain sickness education, environmental conservation education and English. 

As of late, all porters have their own bank account and bank card, which will help them to handle their money better; due to this, some of the porters pursue their own businesses, can afford to build their own houses, pay their bills and are taking care of their families in terms of basic needs such as food, shelter, clothes and education material. 
žIn terms of environmental education we have started and partly finished several tree planting projects around Moshi and Karatu (Highview Hotel) in order to raise awareness on environmental problems and to give employment to the porters during the low season.

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