Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Story of her life.,.

She is a porter at The Zara tours company..My name is Angel Tegemea Mafuwe, I was born at machame uduru in 21/12/1992, we are five children in our family I have two sisters and two brothers. I completed  my primary education at uduru primary school at machame in 2006,I was selected to join secondary education in 2007 at machame uduru secondary school complete my secondary education in 2010, I was not able to proceed with advance education because of low pass mark I got division iv 32,  My mother passed away in 2007 and no one was there to support me in my education and my father has no job so I didn’t go back to school. When my mother passed away we were left with our father and he doesn’t have a permanent job, he deals with small business to support   our family, in our family I’m the only child who was able to reach secondary school, my brother my sister and my twin sister they also deals with small business.  Due to the low living standard of our family I decide to find a job at green beans company which is located at mkufi area opposite machine tools in 2011,I did the job for two month, later on I quite the job because the salary was not enough to satisfy me and my family needs.  When I was home after quitting the job I was thinking of which job should I do to earn money in order to satisfy my needs and my family needs? I heard from my friends that there is a   porter job that is offered by some tours companies, I applied for the job in 2011 and I was able to work with some tour companies in Moshi but failed to continue working with them because of low salary which didn’t satisfy my needs.  I decided to look for another job at ZARA tours in 14/1/2011, and I was hired,  My guide was Yohana he cooperated with me, and my first route with him was mount meru, and I proceed well  doing other job with him.  I am thankful to ZARA tours director ZAINAB .A. ANSELL for supporting me  especially by giving  me  job which helps me to  be able to stand as a woman and I’m able to assist my family and to fulfill  my personal needs and my family needs  such as food, shelter, hospital bills e.t.c. WITH THANKS, YOURS SINCERLY, ANGEL TEGEMEA MAFUWE.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sponsor of MKPS

Mrs Zainab Ansell taking comments from the porters and understanding their daily issues.

Kilimanjaro porters Happy Moments

our porters on their last day at Mweka hut all happy after all their clients made it to Uhuru peak!


The MKPS is now offering free English classes to all porters. There are two sessions every day to meet the needs of people of different ages, skills, experience, and education level. All who successfully complete the class get a certificate. Further MKPS is sponsoring porter's medical bills and further education.  Intensive training courses are offered during the rainy seasons of each year, including classes on mountain safety and basic first aid. In 2009, we have started to offer advanced classes in first aid and sustainable development.


The Kilimanjaro Porters Society was created in 2004 by Zara Tours to improve the working conditions of all porters on Mount Kilimanjaro and other hiking areas in Tanzania.